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Barbara LaFleur is amazing!  She never judged me for how horribly cluttered everything was.  She created a simple step-by- step program for me to follow.  Barbara brought such peace to our chaos.  By day 2 my hopelessness turned to courage and I felt like I might actually be able to get my house "free of clutter".  Our family benefited form this program so much.  Less stress, better focus, and more family time.  Being able to invite friends over for the first time is a great feeling too.  Give Barbara LaFleur a call.  You won't regret it.

~Residential Virtual Organizing Client - Queen City, TX

After living in a house for 35 years and raising three kids, we decided to downsize. Almost a year later my new upstairs storage area was still a cluttered mess. Virtually Barbara helped me turn that area into an amazing seating area with a curtained-off, organized storage area. With virtual sessions and homework she helped me throw away junk, give away unneeded items and label and store the things I wanted to keep. Barbara gave me so many wonderful ideas. She taught me how to label and store containers that are easily read. She told me where to buy cheap material and how to hang the curtains to conceal the shelving and boxes. The thing that helped me most was the homework. Giving me a list of things to have completed before each session gave me the push needed to get the job done. I am so glad to have that area finished. Thank you Barbara!

~Residential Virtual Organizing Client - Douglasville, Texas

Once again Creating Organization has solved my problem.  I love the convenience of their virtual organizing service.  I simply picked up the phone and worked with Barbara to find the best way to organize my items.  Thanks Creating Organization for helping me work through getting my house organized. You'll hear from me again soon!

~Residential Organizing Client - Doddridge, Arkansas

I highly recommend Creating Organization.  I was overwhelmed with my twins closet, pantry, and laundry room.  I felt defeated just looking at all the unnecessary stuff.  Barbara had wonderful ideas to help.  She didn't judge my mess and encouraged me with homework and positive praise.  I can't wait for her to finish my other projects in the future.

~Residential Organizing Client - Queen City, Texas  


I would highly recommend the services provided by Creating Organization.  I was struggling to find a more effective process to optimize my production. I was spending most of my time thumbing through papers to find opportunity for more quotes.  More quotes equals more opportunities.  I was most impressed with how Barbara was not just concerned about cleaning up and organizing my office so it looks more presentable to customers, but how she asked all the important questions to determine the best organizational processes to optimize my work flow to make my job easier and achieve greater results.  That helped increase my business earning potential.  I appreciate how she involved me in the process and gave me just enough homework to keep me involved with the decision making, which helped me understand and know where and how the organization habits are created so I can maintain a organized office after the organizational processes are completed.  I was also impressed by the amount of care she provided thoughout the entire process.  She follows up to see if there are organizational processes that may need to be tweaked.  You can tell she genuinely loves to help people get organized!  I have already experienced my production increase because the great customer care provided by Barbara LaFleur.  Thank you Barbara!  You are a blessing!

~ Insurance Office - Texarkana, Texas


I can't thank you enough for all your help in my studio! The clutter made me feel tired and unable to focus. I now have new energy when I walk in the door to work in my newly organized space. The continuing accountability and motivation is keeping me on track as I form new habits and I have no doubt this room will easily STAY organized.

~ Business Owner - Texarkana, Arkansas



I love scrapbooking photos of my grandkids, but had become very frustrated with the overwhelming chore of finding the photos I needed to develop in order to do so.  Creating Organization worked with me to develop a very simple system that has cleared my mind and brought back the enjoyment of my hobby!  

~ Residential Organizing Client - Texarkana, Arkansas



I hired Creating Organization to organize my recipes.  Four years worth of collected recipes went from a huge shopping bag to one binder with tabs showing catagories of foods.  Most rewarding money I have ever spent!  I can now actually find the recipe I want to cook.

~ Residential Organizing Client - Atlanta, Texas



For years I struggled to clear clutter from my home without realizing what was causing my repeatedly cluttered areas!  Barbara worked with me to identify what wasn't working for me. I now know exactly what to do with unwanted items. There will be no more tossing something I don't want in the corner of my bedroom or on the kitchen counter. I also put away items because she helped me store them in ways that make it easy to return them after use.  The systems Creating Organization put in place for me work with my personality and make it easy to live clutter free.   

~ Residential Organizing Client - Texarkana, Arkansas



I'm very much a slob by nature. Through an ongoing process, Barbara helped me clearly see the time and money I wasted by not being organized.  Now I NEVER have to waste time hunting my keys etc.  After learning everything needs a home and that home needs to be very user friendly (storage drawers instead of stacked boxes is one example) I find myself questioning if a stray item has a home.  She has SO many great ideas to simplify life!  

~ Residential Organizing Client - Texarkana, Arkansas






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